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    “I have no luddite prejudice against new technology; it’s just that books look as if they contain knowledge, while e-readers look as if they contain information.”

    - Julian Barnes writes about his life as a bibliophile, and explains why books and booksellers will be just fine.

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  2. Epilogue: The Future of Print

  3. E-Book Giveaway: Scumbo


    Tomorrow and Sunday, my story collection Scumbo will be free on Kindle.

    Dark, funny and compassionate stories of love, friendship, sex and violence, set in the urban jungles of Europe and the U.S.A in the early 1990s. In this world of punk rock romance, talking mailboxes, poverty, flowers, guitars and random death, things are never as they seem - and nor are they otherwise.

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  5. PoetryFoundation.org :: How to Survive in the Age of Amazon

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  8. Reasons I Don't Want a Kindle


    seriously. there are reasons.